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In order to better serve you, our customers, we have prepared this page to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. If after searching this file your question is still unanswered please feel free to e-mail or call us. A simple e-mail form can be found in the contact us section.

Q. What are you office hours?

A. Our office is open Tuesday through Friday at 8:30. Closing times vary according to the various athletic schedules that we are covering. Most days we are here to take calls until 1pm. On days without covered activities our office is open until 4:30, you may leave a message at anytime.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. First you must navigate to the correct section of our site. Click on the Boys or Girls HS tabs for high school events or the Youth tab for youth events. Once you are in the correct section choose the year and sport and you will be taken to the page for that sport. Scroll up and down to find the event and game. When you click on the game link an index page will open. The index page will have thumbnail images that you can click to open a page with a larger preview and Add buttons to add the photo to your shopping cart. Our shopping cart will open in either a new tab or new window depending on how your browser is configured. If you encounter any problems please feel free to call us. We are always happy to walk you through the process or to take your order over the phone.

Q. When will the pictures from my game be posted?

A. Most games are posted within 72 hours. Championship games are a priority and we try to have all galleries up and running in 24-48 hours. Large tournaments can take several days all the way up to a week.

Q. Can I get a discount for a large order?

A. Due to the contractual obligations our tournament hosts share in the proceeds of the sales of photos from their tournament. Because of this discounts are available when ordering multiples of the same print or packages of the same photo. No other discounts are available at this time.

Q. Can I purchase a CD of a game or of a set of images?

A. No. At this time we do not offer CD or DVD's of files. As new products are added we update our 'New Product' page.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. That will depend on what is being ordered. Customized items such as trading cards, posters and magazine covers may take up to six weeks to be delivered. Orders for prints take much less time and are normally shipped in less than two weeks. ALL orders are handled by a Bridgewater Sports associate. Orders placed while we are closed will be processed the next day that we are open for business. Orders placed during extended closings such as long holidays will incur extended processing time. IF YOU NEED AN ORDER PROCESSED ON DEADLINE PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL USTO ENSURE THAT WE CAN MEET YOUR DEADLINE.

Q. Why are the prices different for some events?

A. Tournament prices are generally higher due to the staffing and support necessary. At many tournaments we have a team of photographers covering all of the action, as well as on-site staff to process your order on the spot.

Q. You removed the photos before I could place an order! Now what?

A.We can we re-post most any game or tournament. Re-posted galleries will remain active for ONE week and we will credit the $25 posting fee towards your order once it is placed.>>> Click Here <<< to request a re-posting of an event  

Q. We have a Tournament coming up can you cover it and what will it cost?

A. Maybe. It won't cost anything! In fact we pay may YOU. Check our tournament brochure for details.

Q. Are you hiring help?

A. Our needs are seasonal in nature. We do hire both photographers and table help on a game basis. Photographers may send a cover letter and sample portfolio to eric(at) All photographers are hired on a 'Work for Hire'  basis and should be prepared to sign a work for hire contract. All copyrights become the property of Bridgewater Sports. Due to the nature of our work anyone seeking employment should be prepared to submit to a criminal background check. (CORI check).

Q. Can I/we license images for newspaper publication, is there a cost for the license?

A. Bridgewater Sports will license images for editorial publication. In many cases newspaper are not willing to pay for such licenses and the cost of the license is paid by either a parent or league. In ALL cases whether the license is being paid by the publisher OR a third party (parent/league) the entity publishing the images must agree to be bound by the license terms. For a copy of our license please click here.



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